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Billo - Brilliant or Bust?

Billo - The paid social app that connects customers to content creators. From a glance, this sounds like an excellent opportunity for both brands looking to increase awareness or credibility and up-and-coming content creators looking to expand their experience. The question is, though, is Billo brilliant or is it a bust? Here we are going to discuss the pros and cons of Billo so you can decide whether or not you can benefit from this app.

Before we get into that, let's talk a little bit about the app in general. What is it really? What is it used for? Who should be using it? Well, here's your answer.

As stated before, Billo is basically a medium between brands and content creators. Billo makes it very easy for these two entities to connect. First, a company posts a "task," which is essentially a proposal for an advertisement. These usually involve one of the company's products. Then creators can apply to be the ones to fulfill this task. Only then can the company view the content that these creators have developed in the past. Once the brand chooses a creator, they ship the product to the said creator and wait for the requested user-generated content.

Sounds great right? Well, let's talk about pricing. Without any corresponding plan, each video costs $59, along with the price of whatever product you give away to your creator. There are two other plan options, the starter, and growth. The starter gives you 5 videos a month, for a discounted rate of $53 per video. The growth gives a whopping 10 videos a month, at a discounted rate of $47 per video.

Is it worth it though? Let's go over the pros and cons (the brilliants or busts, rather) to determine whether or not Billo is for you.


  • A great tool to increase ROAS, brand awareness, and credibility

  • Smart use to counteract bad product ratings listed online

  • Makes the brand more personal, adds a face to the brand


  • Different pricing options seem expensive and therefore a bit unnecessary

  • Not able to look at creator content other than the creators that apply to your task

  • Not allowed to request certain creators, have to wait for them to apply to your task

Overall, Billo has some pretty handy uses - especially for small companies that want to increase brand awareness, companies with products that have low ratings, and companies that use social media outlets to market to a younger demographic. Despite a couple of quirks, it has the potential to help both brands and aspiring content creators. So, is this app useful to you?

@2021 By Daniel Antunes

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