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By: Lexy Muro

The Linktree logo
Linktree Logo

In a broad summary, Linktree is designed to be a landing page for any links enabling you to share what you’re wearing, what you’re listening to, and where your favorite places to eat are. It is customizable and always changing based on your preferences. Linktree also lets you analyze your audience and keep your audience engaged by tracking engagement and monitoring revenue over time. Front and center on their website linktree states, “One link to help you share everything you create, curate, and sell from your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media profiles.”

In a sense, Linktree has created the most easy and accessible way to engage with your audience. Influencers! The time has come. No more responding to hundreds of comments saying the same thing. All you have to do is put your link in your bio for all to see. As a cheer coach, Liinktree has made my job easier and simpler in terms of being in charge of not only 20 girls but also communicating effectively with their parents. Take a look at Gabrielino's Cheer Page.

This screenshot shows how your Linktree can work
Sample of Linktree App Page

Put your link in the bio anywhere. Print out your QR code to have it ready to go at all times. As an entrepreneur, business person, influencer, artist, etc, Linktree allows us to be as open and engaging with our audience. Whether it’s

  • Podcasts

  • Music videos

  • Checklist

  • Amazon shopping cart

  • Youtube Channel

Linktree holds it all. Make sure to sign up and claim your tree today! There are three other versions to pick from. With no expensive prices, Linktree has the right pick for you. With benefits such as analytics and monetization tools, you can track and analyze what is driving traffic to your site and what isn’t.

Linktree can help with podcasts, social platforms and provide a QR code.
Linktree screenshot


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