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A Journey Through Social Bee

Social Bee is a social media management tool that encourages users to share their content across various platforms and social networks, all through one website/application. The supported social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Pinterest and Youtube. Their features range from creating posts using artificial intelligence to creating your own content schedule.

Social Bee is the perfect management tool for those who are thinking of entering into entrepreneurship or aspiring to be solo-entrepreneurs. It is an essential tool for those who own small businesses or agencies as it gives users workspaces and analytics to decide what their best social approach would be and on which platform it would succeed the most in.


Maintaining a Social Bee Profile

Apart from the general information that a Social Bee profile contains, it contains notifications for all measures: when a post fails to publish, when customers interact with your posts, and email notifications.

Additionally, Social Bee offers a licensing services with three tiers (Bootstrap, Accelerate, and Pro), with each containing a certain number of workspaces and social media accounts that be connected. They offer both monthly and annual subscriptions. The highlighted differences between the tiers would be the partial to full marketing analysis of social media platforms, the number of posts that a category can hold. One unique feature that Social Bee offers is the Concierge and Service Marketplace and Network which is a online hub where one can hire Social Bee employees to perform tasks pertaining to market analysis to consulting what would be the best option for a marketing strategy from marketing experts.

Social Bee’s subscription prices are set perfect for those starting their own small business or agency owners because this network offers multiple features and the AI tool which other management tools may not offer. It is relatively inexpensive if one chooses to share the costs with other members of their marketing team or opt to pay for the annual fee.

As a aspiring marketing student, my experience trying out Social Bee made me realize the power that a social media management tool holds in executing the best possible engagement rates for my content. For this blog, I tested this tool out and created content for multiple days and want to share my experience through this process.


How To Create A Post Using Social Bee's Tools

1. Create categories for your content. Social Bee offers pre-made categories (Behind the Scenes, Curated, Case Studies, Client Testimonials, Engaging Posts, Expert Interviews, Infographics, Blogs and Videos, or Promotional)

2. Create hashtag collections for the social media platform of your choosing (I created hashtag collections for multiple platforms such as TikTok, Twitter and Facebook apart from Instagram)

3. OPTIONAL: Import CSV (spreadsheets), links or media to be published along with your social media post.

4. Select your social media platform of your choosing (for this demonstration, I chose Instagram as my chosen platform).

5. Create post variations to have multiple options before content approval using media, texts, or emojis. Use the customization tool to adjust your post to the requirements and best practices recommended for the social media platform (for example, Twitter is known to pertain to shorter posts and LinkedIn has a business approach to their posts) 6. Select the date and time for your post to be published or Select the “Post Now” option to publish your post

Want To Post On The Go?

Another cool feature on Social Bee’s mobile phone application is that you can see your upcoming posts and manually change it if you are not satisfied before the tool publishes it on its scheduled time and date.

Social Media Copilot: Social Bee's AI Tool

Social Media Copilot is an artificial intelligence tool that is essentially your personal marketing consultant. It starts off by asking you consulting questions about your target audience and the purpose of your platform.

In the example I used, I mentioned to the AI tool I was targeting students at Cal State LA’s College of Business and Economics and I wanted to offer my marketing analysis and content creation services. Promptly, it generated multiple post captions that ranged with hashtags and categories while providing a list of the best platforms for the content.

Next, the tool generated a posting schedule based on the categories selected and social media accounts. As another method of how Social Bee utilizes AI, when creating your next post, you can use the AI tool to generate captions using the hashtags and categories you select and media by using the search bar. This AI tool sold me to continue using it after to continue developing my beauty brand in the future.

Next Posts

The Next Posts feature is another way to schedule and see an overview of

your upcoming posts. It also gives your a grid overview of how your profile will look like when the posts get published.


Social Bee offers a variety of marketing analytics to look at for your small business or agency. The tool offers page and post analytics, insights and post history with the ability to group all of the analytics onto a PDF file.

  • Metrics Include:

  • Likes/Comments/Shares

  • Profile Views

  • Post Clicks

  • Average time of page metrics

Social Bee is a great social media management tool for any marketer who wants to utilize every potential of their social media platform!

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Written By: Imet Hernandez, Senior Marketing Student at California State University, Los Angeles

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