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Photography Made Easy: Adobe Lightroom Is Here For You!

If mastering photography and capturing those important moments is something you want to do, then Lightroom is the tool for you. Lightroom gives you the capability of bringing your photos to life, having them reach their full potential, and having them become beautiful works of art. This isn’t just a quick edit station with the bare minimum, Lightroom provides an incredible amount of editing options and features like never before. Get ready to be involved in the Lightroom community which is a place filled with others who have a passion for photography. It’s a place where creativity prospers and inspiration lives, a place where you can connect and help each other bring those moments you captured to a whole new level. Link to Lightroom.

  1. Community:

Lightroom has created a safe space for people who have one thing in common, the love for photography, whether that love comes from a hobby, owning a business, or working for a business, Lightroom is there to help you stay creative but not by yourself. The community section of Lightroom surprised me but I couldn’t believe how genius it was. It allows different users from anywhere to come together and look at and react to each other’s edits. It is almost like a virtual art gallery. Like other social media platforms, Lightroom Community allows people to,

  • Like each other’s edits

  • Follow others in the community if you like their work.

  • Have your own profile just like any other social media platform.

With your profile, you have the ability to have features like a profile picture, and header, and see all your pictures you have edited and shared with the communities. You can see who likes your photos and also see who remixed them and what exactly they did to it. As stated earlier, you can follow others if you like their work and it's all organized under the “following” section. So if you see someone who edits photos a certain way or posts pictures of things you are interested in like “Sports” or “Nature” then you can press the follow button and never miss their edits again. Lightroom also has a featured page, trending section, or get inspired section which are all filled with edits that can help you get ideas or just acknowledge the other great photographers out there. I am not the only one who enjoys Lightroom! This article explains extremely well their favorite features and why they think Lightroom is the best for photo editing.

Lightroom Features:

Lightroom is filled with so many features that make it so much easier to bring your photos to that next level and also continue to find inspiration when editing your photos. My personal favorite features that Lightroom offers are,

  • Remixes

  • Masks

  • Lens Blur

Remixes is my favorite out of the three because they have figured out a way to let people be connected with each other while at the same time helping each other with staying creative. If you find a photo and edit it like from another member of the community, you can take their photo and edit it the way you would like. So one photo can have six or more remixes all edited differently. Different minds come together to show how they would portray that captured moment. Masks is another great feature that simply allows you to focus and edit on a certain area of a photo without touching any other part. This can help when there is only one spot of the photo that might not be the way you want it or just need a little editing. Lens Blur is a new feature that is still being developed but also helps bring your edits to the next level. You might have a photo that has objects as the main point but a busy background, Lens Blur allows you to get that background and blur it to allow those objects to become more prominent.

  1. Editing

The amount of editing options that Lightroom provides is incredible, they make it as easy as possible to bring your vision to life and help you understand along the way. Editing with Lightroom can feel endless with options to target like exposure, contrast, shadows, and more. You are able to look at the geometry of the photo you have, meaning distortion, horizontal, vertical, rotation, and more. You can focus on the coloring of your photo and make it black & white or focus on certain color effects like texture, clarity, etc. A great thing Lightroom provides if you are feeling overwhelmed by the many options or just starting and don’t understand all of them is by hovering your mouse over the options, Lightroom then provides a brief description of its function and shows it a visual example. Then after you’re done editing your photo you can share it with the community or on a mobile device easily post it to your social media platforms like Instagram. Below is an example of a photo during an editing session.

So to everyone who loves photography, wants to up their level for their or any business, or wants to learn how to edit the proper way and are beginners, Lightroom is the answer you are looking for. It is more than just a tool to edit photos, it shows you that you belong to a community, to never feel alone with your passion for photography, and to continually inspire or be inspired by others. Lightroom provides one-of-a-kind features that allow you to grow not only as a photographer but as an editor. Lightroom is growing and continuing to innovate the way editing photos is done. Again, with the endless amount of editing options, Lightroom wants to see your photos be next level and help you bring the visions you have to reality and let your creativity shine through your art. Waste no more time and sign up for Lightroom for just $9.99 and see the other tools Adobe has to offer for you and your creative process.

By: Kobe Carballo

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