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Christina Camillo's HOW TO: 5 Tips On Creating Your Personal Brand

How to Create a Successful Online Brand

1. Follow your passion Choose a topic of interest - this could be anything from food, travel, fashion, or influencer lifestyle.

2. Set goals and determine target audience Determine how many followers you would like to gain, how many accounts you would like to reach, depending on your brand, how much you would like to sell. Decide which demographic would be the most attracted to your brand.

3. Based on step two, utilize social media platforms that correspond with the target audience For example, say you are targeting people in their teens-thirties, Instagram would be a useful platform to reach these people. If you are trying to reach people who are forty-plus years old, Facebook may be a better option.

4. Create aesthetically pleasing content Make sure your posts are clear (high resolution) and follow your brand image. It is important to have an image and voice that corresponds with your brand. Creating content that is easy on the eyes will attract potential followers/clients/consumers.

5. Utilize hashtags and captions to your advantage Create a brand related hashtag that can be used in every post. Along with this, use other hashtags that relate to your industry, or the post itself.

Examples From My Experience

1. When presented with the opportunity to take the route participating in the RI Hispanic Biz Web Design Project, I was extremely excited to be able to use my concentration in Spanish while creating a project for this class at the same time.

2. Create website for the company, improve their social media presence, and increase brand awareness. Buyer Persona: A 26 year old soon-to-be mother looking to plan her baby shower. Mary Smith is looking for a convenient and stress free way to plan her baby shower. Her frustrations are that planning by herself will be too stressful for the baby, so she began searching for local companies via Google. 3. I chose to use Instagram and Facebook to target the buyer persona that I created. 4. Here is an example of an Instagram story I created for the party store I worked with.

5. I created hashtags to go along with the days of the week that I suggested the company post their content. Because the company had such good pictures from baby showers, I suggested #ShowerSunday

Thank you for listening!

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