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Teeth Whitening: An Influencer Overloaded Marketing Campaign

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Blog Author: Brendan Bremser

Oral care company HiSmile began its journey on Australia’s Gold Coast back in 2014. Harnessing the power of social media, HiSmile has built up a global customer base. Their product, the “HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit”, claims to help whiten customer’s teeth. They also back this claim with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Their brand-recognition has boosted due to their surplus of celebrities endorsing their teeth whitening kit. HiSmile has constantly advertised on Instagram for the past year, and their profile now boasts over 1.2 million followers. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Connor McGreggor, Trey Young, Victor Oladipo, and TJ Dillashaw among its high profile influencers, the brand is effective in creating a buzz around its product through social media. “Kylie Jenner alone has 144 million followers (and counting) around the world, so through Kardashian family endorsements alone, the brand has reached a phenomenal global audience.” (Hogan)

HiSmile understood the value of Instagram’s social advertising ecosystem, and their influencer marketing campaign launched their brand into a multimillion-dollar empire. In fact, Forbes stated the co-founders have a “combined wealth of $46 million.” (Forbes) HiSmile is on track as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, set to go from 0 to $50 million in three years.

Their contracts with celebrities were wise, as HiSmile continues to repeat new ads with the same endorsements from seemingly hundreds of celebrities, always taking advantage of their content.

In terms of additional platforms, there are no other platforms that I think would be more beneficial, or present a better ROI for HiSmile than the one found on Instagram. Being a photo and video sharing app, HiSmile can showcase everything that they want to in just one post.

HiSmile was undoubtedly one of the first companies to revolutionize influencer marketing. Their complete investment into seemingly hundreds of celebrities and public figures allowed them to try and connect to every young person available. Furthermore, having a younger target market, it was wise to feature these paid promotions on Instagram, rather than other social media platforms or traditional media.

Do you think HiSmile should’ve tested or used a different platform?

What action would you have taken?

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