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Simple Mills’ Simple & Effective Instagram Campaign

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Blog Author: Jocelyn Koury

Simple Mills, a food company that makes products like cookies, crackers, baking mixes, baked bars, and more with clean, nutritious ingredients, has done a fantastic job of showcasing their products in a fun, engaging way on Instagram.

What Was the Campaign?

Simple Mills has done a series of short videos on their Instagram that include tidbits of information, ranging from tips about how turmeric and black pepper together boosts the nutritional content of the turmeric, to how adding fresh squeezed lemon juice to spinach boosts the absorption of certain vitamins, to how the sunflower oil that they use in their products is top quality. Here is an example of one of the videos from their Instagram campaign!

How was it Successful?

If you take a look at the comments on these Instagram posts, you can see that Simple Mills’ followers really appreciate these tips. Many followers comment things like, “Thanks for the great tip!” and, “So helpful, awesome tip!”. This campaign has built a foundation of trust for their brand, from their customers. Who would trust a brand that is constantly only talking about themselves? Simple Mills understands that if they give their customers great cooking tips and food advice, they’ll start gaining trust in the brand, and look to them when they’re looking for these tips and tricks.

Why is Social Media Essential for This Campaign?

This campaign uses the format of short videos with text and animation to deliver the message of each post. Without social media, Simple Mills wouldn’t be able to share these recipes and videos as easily – they would really only be able to do print advertising, which would not be helpful or rational for these short videos. By creating aesthetically pleasing video clips, Simple Mills has created an easy way for their followers to share their content with others on Instagram, giving the brand more exposure.

Which Social Media Network Could be Added to this Campaign?

Simple Mills is already operating on the major social media platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, when searching “Simple Mills” on Pinterest, this campaign did not pop up. Taking advantage of Pinterest as a platform to boost this campaign would be beneficial, because they would be able to target people who are searching for similar products and recipes.

Simple Mills has done a great job of understanding what their customers want and how to best deliver their content through their Instagram account. By creating more of these “tip” videos and using them as evergreen content for their social media platforms (not just Instagram), they could further take advantage of the opportunities available to them through content marketing on their social media channels. To find out where you can purchase Simple Mills products, check out their Store Locator. If you’re looking for delicious, healthy recipes, check out the Recipe section on Simple Mills’ website!

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