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Nike’s Digital Marketing Success Behind Their “Just Do It/Dream Crazier” Ad Campaign

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Blog Author: Jenna Lamborghini

What is it and the success behind it?

Debuted in 2019, this campaign contains a diverse group of successful athletes that have defied expectations and negativity from others.

This campaign was made by using series of videos and pictures containing individuals who all had “what seems like crazy” goals, dreams, expectations, who then become the successful human-beings that they are today.

The only way they made their dreams into a reality and defied the odds of society was by pursing their wildest dreams.

Each video contains powerful messages to get the audience motivated.

Why was social media essential for this campaign?

This campaign targets all different groups of audiences.

o The campaign contains people of different races, genders, ages, ethnicities, etc., therefore, this was something for everyone to talk about.

Social media is critical because it’s an easy way for people to repost and receive feedback from.

Social Media Network to Add: Tik Tok

Since Tik Tok is the latest successful social media platform that targets the younger audience (Gen Zers), this would be a great place to add the “Dream Crazier” campaign.

Most Gen Zers have crazy dreams that they would like to pursue, and Nike would be a great motivator to get these young individuals inspired to seek out their wildest dreams.

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