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Make Your Personal Brand Online Better!

Tips on Creating your Personal Brand Online

by: Timothy Noll

When building your personal brand, it all depends on what platform you use in order to be successful in building your brand. Knowing how to gauge with different people on different social media platforms is key in improving your analytics and engagement numbers. Below, I will talk about some key tips on how to successfully build your brand from bottom-up!

Key Tips For LinkedIn

One tip for building your brand on LinkedIn is to make those meaningful connections with others. Making those connections helps gain followers, which leads to more engagement. Another tip when it comes to LinkedIn is to follow those who are similar to your brand, and therefore who will actually matter to you when it comes to your own brand. Lastly, you should utilize your profile, and fill in what you're all about, therefore when people view your profile, they can see your interests, as well as what your “brand” is like right away without having to ask themselves any questions.

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Key Tips For Twitter

Tips with Twitter may vary in relation to LinkedIn, as building your brand on Twitter is unique in its own way. One tip on how to build your brand on twitter is to seek conversations, whether it be replying to posts, retweeting, quote tweeting, as well as using hashtags about your brand. Another tip for Twitter, is to actively post lots of content about your brand per day. Posting multiple posts a day is a great way to get more awareness for your profile and brand.

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