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Mailchimp for Business

A one-stop-shop for marketing managers.

Mailchimp offers a lot of tools for marketing managers and simplifies business practices.

Email marketing campaigns: for businesses with up to 100,000 contacts

Audience management: Segmenting audiences by lists based on their preferences and customer type, allows you to send targeted emails to each audience

Marketing automation: one stop place for everything needed for marketing

Insight and Analytics: on email campaigns run or connect e-commerce site

Offers very in depth analytics of overall campaigns as well as each email you send out.


Is it easy to use?


Best use of this app?

Email marketing: they have a lot of templates and options for customization

Should a Digital Marketing Manager use this app?

Yes I think it is beneficial to keep your contacts segmented and have the ability to tailor messages to these audiences

Is the pricing worth it?

Free isn’t worth it but gets a little pricey as your contacts go up but very affordable for small businesses


Mailchimp is overall a great tool but here are some recommendations for improvements they could make.

  • allow all customers to receive customer service help

  • give more options on the free version, or offer an option for a free trial for a week/month

  • don't make businesses pay more for customers on different segment lists, as they currently charge you per customer even if they are a part of multiple segments it counts them as multiple contacts

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