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CANVA, The Best Content App For Social Media Marketing In 2023?!

The must have for content creators

By: Kerentin Tran

Canva logo - Your go-to content creation app for stunning designs and graphics. Unlock your creativity with Canva's versatile features. Improve your visual content effortlessly.
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A social media world

The world of digital marketing and more precisely, social media marketing is ever-evolving and time is key to success. One tool that helped many companies and content creators gain time, effort and in quality is Canva. This year, Canva has become a most-use app as it expanded the versatility of their features. Creating pro quality content, scheduling, organizing, and working in a team has never been easier. In this blog post, we will go through everything that makes Canve THE app for digital marketing/ social media marketing.

What is actually Canva? If we go on their website, they describe the app as a “Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.” They say that it can be used by anyone without the need for extensive design skills. Its target audience is quite large and goes from small business owners to social media managers and content creators. The use of the app is intuitive and with the help of templates the quality of the result is really high. Canva can also be used in a more private environment like a class work or a presentation.

Why would you choose Canva? I mean… search on google for the best content creation app and you will find Canva at the top of each list. This app is the Real Deal. According to SocialBee, Techloy, Audiosocket and many more, it’s the best!


What do you get?

Extensive Template Library

This is the real power of canva. This app has a huge library of templates that you can use for any creations that you want to start. Those templates cover any subject you can imagine with any design and features possible. You can use it for Instagram stories, facebook ads, tiktok videos, youtube videos, organizing tools, white board tools, promoting presentations, business plans and so many more. In two clicks and 30 seconds of searching, you can get a complete, high quality presentation about any subject that you want. Replace the text by what you want to say and you are done!

Canva's diverse template collection - your key to effortless content creation. Explore a myriad of design options in this image showcasing Canva's versatile templates for all your content needs. Elevate your creations with Canva, the ultimate content creation app.
Canva Templates

Customizable Branding

Also a great feature with the Canva app is what they call the “Brand Kit”. Maintaining a brand image and consistency is key to keep our audience on our account and make your brand more recognizable. This “Brand kit” feature is actually a visual charter. It allows you to upload your brand assets such as logos, fonts, color palettes, photos, visuals and even the brand “voice” (AI tool that can reproduce how your brand writes and communicate with your audience/consumers to write texts for you). You can then transfer everything on the templates that you chose to keep your content consistent.

Collaboration Tools

It has never been easier to work as a team than on Canva. Any project can be shared to any Canva user either by sending an access link or an email. The owner of the project can choose the roles of each member (visualization, creation…). Another way to work as a team is the “Canva team”. This way you can all work on the same brand and access to the “Brand kit” and every project related to this team. If only a few projects need a team, create a group and link a folder to it that contains them.

Animation and Video Editing

Canva 2023 takes content creation one step further and offers video editing and animations. No need to download any complicated and ugly softwares for old people, you can now create videos with any format on canva. Again, many templates are accessible from the library and again they are all pro quality level.

Analytics and Scheduling

Now that you have created the content that you want to post with your team it is time to schedule and see what is happening. Well, don’t get off Canva yet because you can still do that directly from the app scheduler. Indeed, Canva offers you the “Content Planner”. This gives you the opportunity to plan everypost and to link any social media account to post automatically. It is accessible by anyone in the team.


A real social media marketing use?

As a real world application I will be explaining how Canva, personally, helped me achieve my goals and create many designs for my personal use and my professional use. I have been using this app since high-school for every presentation I did and for every team project I had to do. I have always been asked how I had such good designs and visuals for my presentation and I always had great grades thanks to Canva. The difference in quality level and complexity if we compare a PowerPoint and a Canva presentation is major.

Canva Creation Bar

Now, I use Canva for my company, Be.Sounds Agency. I created my logo, my brand charter and my business presentations on it. Also, I work with a partner through the canva team feature, it helps us organize, brainstorm and present our ideas for my clients. The renderings are always professional and coherent with my brand’s identity. I used to use other softwares that weren’t interconnected and required many hours to understand. Canva really is a time saver and enables clear thinking.


Wrap it up!

In 2023, Canva made it obvious that no one has to be a pro to create pro-quality content in a blink of an eye. The extensive template library gives anyone the access to already made high quality content. The “Brand kit” makes your creations consistent with your brand identity. The “Canva Team” builds a team spirit and allows you and your partners to work as one. The animation and video editing feature brings your brand to life, saves you time and hard work. And finally the “content planner” does the work for you and organizes your creating vision in the long run.

In the future, Canva will include more and more tools mostly related to AI that will expand even more its range of capabilities. AI writing, AI image creation, AI format adaptation are already on Canva and makes creating content a child’s play.

Canva is a must-have in the upcoming content creating wave, and you should want to be part of it.

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