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A How-to on Tumblr

As a first-time user of the social media platform Tumblr there was a lot to figure out. As a first-time user clicking around and scrolls through the pages, you can see what exactly you are looking for.

The goal of Tumblr is to pinpoint each one of its users. This includes having users that want

to write out how they are feeling, post photos that represent their feed, retweets, GIFs, or even videos that you can find or take yourself and post.

The most helpful thing from Tumblr so far is that you can go to the search bar and look through the tags for the topics that you want to post about and want to see on your feed. Tumblr allows me to range from blogs to look alike Instagram posts as well as taking things straight from Facebook and Twitter. This is a great social media platform to get all sorts of variety, that allows me to repost important content relating to my idea customer or viewer. As well as designing my page the way I desire.

  • A strong platform to be creative.

  • Easy to navigate.

  • Has as many #hashtags as you could think of that relate to your interests.

  • You can have it on the go with your mobile device, Tumblr goes wherever you go capturing every moment.

Tumblr allows you to be as you please, be private or public and choose your own settings as you desire. The flexibility and creativity that Tumblr gives you are what makes this social media platform so fun and easy to run!

-Laurel Carey

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