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Wanna start your own Fishing brand? Here's how! By Jackson Cavallerano

After completing this course, I have successfully created my very own brand called Reel Deal Fishing on Instagram and Facebook. I would like to share five main strategies/tips I utilized in order to be successful... Hope you enjoy it.

  1. Engage as much as you can with your followers. Commenting back looks good!

  2. Give everyone a chance! You never know who can give you a lead...

  3. Spread out your giveaways/attractive posts, but story every day.

  4. Experiment with influencers and/or paid assets. This can boost followers as well as popularity tremendously.

  5. Engage on multiple platforms, but always prioritize your top platform/content.

I hope anyone reading my blog finds these five tips useful, and if you'd like please give me a follow on Insta or Facebook, or check out my website. Cast away!

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