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5 tips on creating your personal brand online

Throughout the semester I have been building my personal brand Camp David online and have picked up a few helpful tips along the way.

1) Create Social Media Platforms for your brand

- For Camp David I created an Instagram and Facebook page for parents to look at and see more about our camp.

2) Engage on these platforms

- Instagram and Facebook are important to have but are almost worthless without engagement. It is important to create and maintain a content calendar for your audience to follow. Also, in order to grow your brand you must follow and be involved in others social accounts.

3) Hashtags

- Hashtags have been one of the most useful tricks I learned along the way. I never though much of them until I looked at the analytics of my posts. Even account with low followers content can be exposed to hundred of other accounts just because of the hashtags you include.

4) Paid Ads

- Paid ads are helpful tool for a company looking to drive traffic to their page. We created Facebook ads in class and it helped drive traffic to my Camps Instagram page with a link to enroll in the camp.

5) Website

- Creating a website for your personal brand has been the most helpful part of the process. This is the center for your personal brand and is where your audience can explore and learn more about your business. We used which made it easy and effortless to get our brand out there to the world.

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