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#AerieREALExpectations vs. Reality

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Blog Author: Corrine Poirier

How the Undergarment Industry Should be Advertised

The undergarment industry has yet been the same since Aerie took a stance against retouching images. Being bare is vulnerable and in underwear and bras all women should feel there most confident selves no matter what. In response to the industry, Aerie choose to raise women up through the #AerieREAL campaign.

On all forms of social media, including Aerie's website they began to feature women that were plus sized, middle-aged, with disabilities, and they were the first to feature a down syndrome model who was a special Olympian. Through this women will feel their real selves whenever they purchase Aerie.

Why #AerieREAL Campaign was Successful?

Aerie is gaining market share in the intimates category by appealing to regular women through social media.

Aerie has made this more than just a social media campaign which is why the campaign is so successful. Aerie has turned this social media campaign into activism through creating a website with informational campaigns about the role models that model this campaign. These role models now have a following on their social media channels where viewers can follow them and their story as well.

Aside from the tagline #AerieReal Aerie has put on summit, educational events, workshops, daily blog posts with tips and tricks, and have begun an environmental impact initiative through this campaign. This next step makes their efforts all encompassing to a wide range of people, inspiring them to be their best selves in Aerie.

After launching in 2018, comparable sales increased 38% in the first quarter of 2018. Social media was essential for this campaign because it's target market uses social so intently. Instead of not seeing themselves in Victoria Secret ads they were able to see and appreciate the realness Aeries stood for. This hashtag and the message gained a high following on all social media channels and was featured on many news channels as breaking news stories.

Aerie is not just reaching a teen market anymore but is becoming a brand for all women. A social media channel Aerie could expand into is Spotify. Through podcasts the role models can use the content Aerie has on their website or create content around their stories. This will make it more user friendly and easy to share with others.

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